Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zamil's New Ride.

First of all, congratulation to Zamil for getting his first ride or should I say, his first drift machine ever. Manage to stop by at his home yesterday to have a peek. Tested out the car and was checking out the car. Overall, a very good buy and of course too powerful for a 17 years old kid to handle. Hahaha. You know that teenagers tend to drive like crazy shit nowadays.

OK, so I know I am in my early 20s so I am not a teen anymore. Hahahahaha. But hey, I never exceed 120km/h in my Corolla and this kid already did it. See see. That's what I am talking about. Hahaha. No heart feeling ya bro? :P

So, here's the car and the owner. Manage to grab from him.

Ok now, lets see the power house of the car. Guess what's inside?

It is a 4AGE 20 valve Black Top! Powerful enough for a 1.6l engine (160-170 hp?)but the only question that I have is why this Blacktop is using MAF Sensor instead of MAP?

And.. Here's some photos I snapped the other day.

Some tweak and replacement here and there, and this car is ready for some drift action for sure. Overall, a really bargain deal. Good luck to him.

Anyway, I knew that most of you really hate kids like me that is spoiled by parents. Hahaha. Me myself knew I am spoiled sometimes. I changed my opinion this time. Since I am in my early 20s, I can see that teens nowadays are too 'early' getting this kind of vehicle, in my case, a drift machine. Hahaha. But in the end, the purpose of the machine decide it all.

If the purpose is to fuckin show off and brag here and there, and drive like idiots and most of the time, they would likely banged somewhere and something, then definitely you sucks. That's spoiled. But if the purpose is to learn, and to do something useful and there's benefits when doing it, I think that is learning tools. And its better than taking drug, or rempit-ing. Just like me, I enjoyed learning bout Rolla. There's still a lot to learn from em. Just my opinion.

And finally, Zamil got a new blog. Can check out here for his Corolla adventure there. Good luck and all the best to him.

I really should be posting bout the Japan trip, but 3000+ photos make me lazy to do it! Hahaha.

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