Sunday, March 28, 2010

Awesomeness of the Day!

Nehh, just some random title. Got this freakin awesome emblem actually for my Rolla.

Awesomeness or too much to tell someone behind me?

Nice oh? Nice? Well, I like it. Really suit Rolla! And some spare tires for some fun later.

And finally, after Mike checking out Rolla today, it is confirmed that Rolla's using not only S13 adjustable suspension (Mine is JIC Magic) and brake disc, but also the lower arm of S13. Power steering too from it I guess?

The problem with S13 thingy into Corolla KE70 is, you'll most likely suffering from lack of angle due to wide stance. And that's what me and the SR20DE KE70 owner faced. Need to do some proper alignment job, and because of that too, my maximum camber angle with pillow ball is just -2 to -3 only. Mike told me that if I am using AE86 stuffs, most probably the maximum camber angle is -6!

Need to use the camber ring or something to adjust more camber. Steering biscuit can ah? Drift House is selling it. Hmm.

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