Friday, July 2, 2010

Previous Session...

Some oldddd post that should be posted a month ago. Ahaks!

Okay, so finally I decided to gave a few of my friends to drove Rolla for some sideways. While it was a pain in the ass looking at Rolla while they trashed it around, I guess sharing is caring. And also some chance for me to snap Rolla's photos!

And we rent the whole track that day for a private session which mean only us in the track.

Here's Ariff trying hard.

And another shot.
Mike and Heng also there. Mike share a lot of useful information that day. Thanks man!
Even Amalina also drove the car around.
I didn't snap much coz I was on the passenger seat and giving some drifting tips to them. While Ariff on the other hand, manage to snap a lot of photos, and most of it came out really nice.

Getting ready~
Warm up run on the uphill.
Corolla VS Starlet.

Okay so that day was the first time I hit the tire barrier. Small dent only luckily..
Awesom shot. Love it..
And there goes the fan failure. Luckily all of them are TOC students which mean; handy hands at work!
After a few runs. Dirty..
Session done.. Deflate all the tires and we called it a day.

And again, they helped me.

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