Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gold Chilli.

Okay so I might be a lil too slowpoke to know that there's a very delicious butter chicken somewhere in KL. We went today to try it and guess what, it was awesomely delicious!

Here's the shop. First impression? Another William/Murni style shop. Photo lifted from this blog.

What we ordered were the Butter Chicken set that include rice, soup and a Teh O Ais. Was enjoying much the food, only manage to snap this.

Its.. Its, its so delicious. Cant describe it. When we were at Umbai, we tried the butter prawn, it was very good also. But this one beat all I had tried before. For this set, it cost me RM11.50. Which is quite pricey but really worth it. Go and try it. The location is here.

Will definitely go there again.

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