Friday, July 8, 2011

Power Ranger's Suit.

Ordered the body armor all the way from JB. I was gambling with the size. Luckily its ngam. Tested it with my helmet and glove.

Too excited to try it till I forgot to remove the tag. Gonna try it on my next trailing session. Should be wearing long sleeve I think to avoid blister.

The rear support. Soo fuckin cool. Macam Power Rangers I tell you! That was my childhood dream; to fit in Power Ranger's suit. Or some sort. Now its an achievement unlocked!

Now, all I need is to change the rear tire for the next session. Sadly I cannot join this week's session due to other stuff that need my attention. Oh, speaking of new tire, been riding to Putrajaya with the new tire on my body. Haha.

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