Saturday, July 9, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 Again.

Massssssssiiiiveeee roadblock had been set up all the way from main highway till the heart of KL. Those who live in KL know how bad the traffic are until this time. Everywhere (going into KL) are congested. Sorry cops, I know you guys are just doing you job and we don't hate you guys, its just why G so scared?

Uncle, you got my respect. But I don't see any good reason for the arrest. Scared much with Yellow shirt?

Tomorrow, don't go out. Don't head into KL. Don't go anywhere near KL.

In support of #Bersih huu haa (What's the agenda again? I never know LOLOLOLOL) but I am not going to be stupid by joining the rally. I don't want my parents to come to lokap and bail me out. HAHA. But I do want to be there to snap the historical moment. Either they are for good cause or bad. Moments are priceless when you freeze it on photos.

Expect this tomorrow. Hopefully there will be no bloody bath tomorrow.

Come to think of it from my view; G ordered police to do a lot of roadblock so that citizen will blame #Bersih as the cause, but I think we citizen are smarter than that. If you got nothing to hide, why so serious?

Luckily I am on my bike all the way today. Anyway, welcome to Malaysia where everything is possible. Dad said, when you hold the power for too long, you become comfortable with it and you manipulate it for your own good. Even using religion to support it. Which is pretty true. Now you scared because there's threat.


abu idris said... - Demonstrasi Khilafah 2.0 berjaya bukan Bersih 2.0

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