Sunday, July 10, 2011

During Bersih Day.

It will be a stupid move to enter the city today. I am not gonna post about Bersih coz you guys can read it elsewhere. It was awesome event. So in the spirit of Bersih yesterday, I woke up early coz I was helping a customer to fit in a front spoiler for his car. This is Type 2 by the way. He sprayed it himself. I only help him fitting it.

And after that, since me myself already in dirty (opposite of Bersih hehe) condition, decided to do some DIY on my bike. Even my grandma and my maid sitting and watched what I was doing.

Had been waiting for like forever since I got the bike to do this. As you know, for an offroad activity, it is best if the bike's suspension is soft/bouncy rather than rock hard like drifting setup. And like the awesomeness of DMX-R, it is rock hard for the rear. For the front, its good already.

Sprayed some WD-40 to lube it up and with some aid from hammer and flat screwdriver I slowly hit the adjuster lower. Time consuming process but its gonna be worth it.

After that, I increased the front height back. When I bought the bike, I was afraid of riding tall bike. But now I think I can handle the height already. So I push it lower so that my riding stance is higher than before again. Note the rust marking; its my old height setup.

And tested the bike. Everything checked and I went into my room and fell asleep till 5.30pm. LOL. I planned to go to the city to have a look on Bersih but I end up sleeping.

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