Sunday, July 10, 2011

Offroad Practice on Bersih Day.

Woke up by 5.30pm and went down to have some breakfast. Was having Durians before going out. New practice spot is at Saujana Impian Kajang. Quite near to my house so I can go there regularly. Been there for two days and now sakit badan is back.

Them, who were there. No brand racist here, just friends who have the same interest of going offroad. It just happened that Demak sampah is the cheapest in the market so its dominant lah.

Here, you can learn almost everything about offroad. Other than experience, its a good ground exposure for those newbie. Basic control, sliding on loose sand/loose gravel, basic mud control, going down steep bank and of course my favourite, going high on bank.

Yum. Steep bank.

Absorber fully compressed. With the new setup, its softer on my butt.

Stand up and pull the handle a bit to make sure you wont go face-plant if you fall.

And there ya go. Fly like a G6.

And shit always happened. No matter where you go, never went there alone. This is why we always go in a pack.

Helping each other are them. Always there to help.


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