Sunday, July 17, 2011

Racing Boy Rim.

DMXR comes with 21' front and 18' for the rear. I'm talking bout the rim anyway. And there's this trend of 'motard'-ing your scrambler for road usage; street tire with crazy wide rims. And I do love the concept but I still want to keep the offroad spec. Since the original 21' is very thin, I decided to do some changes.

The rear rim is 1.85 wide. Motard spec normally will be 3.0 front and 4.0 rear. Some will go up to 4.25 wide. But its all 17'. Since offroad tires are cheaper for 18', and the widest for 18' is 2.50, and there is no stock that time. So I opt the Racing Boy 18' with 2.15 wide and put it on the rear while the original rear rim will go to the front. Original 21'? I'll keep it as spare I guess. So it will be 18'x1.85 front and 18'x2.15 for the rear. Bolehlaaaa.

So the idea is to use back your hub and the only thing changed is the rim.

Balancing process.

Its quite weird but offroad tire is way cheaper compare to dual purpose or street tire. Maybe I didnt survey properly.

 Fitting time.

The results?

The bike's height was shortened like few inches now and I love the way it looks now. Looks like a Kawasaki KSR, but bigger in term of size. I should be painting the front rims to black also to match out. Body? I'm going either white or all black. But that's not the priority for now.

Front shot. Superbly wide front and rear now. The tire size for the rear is 110/70 if I am not mistaken, but it definitely 110. Widest available is 130 I think. And I didn't know the front size but as long as it is wider that the original 21', I am okay with it. The headlamp resemble the Transformer's Decepticon Brawl if you guys look carefully.

Overall? Handling wise is different now. Rear tire definitely for off-road use, while the front need new rubber too. And it is slower now due to extra friction maybe? But, I am keeping it this way.


mhd faris said...

Amar, lebar rim 2.85 ke?

Amar Gencos said...

18' max 2.50.

but takde stok, so i opt 2.15.

Ori dia 1.85

Amar Gencos said...

Oh another thing; 17' max lebar now 4.25

mhd faris said...

4.25 ? dah mcm superbike. Berapa satu gelung ?

Amar Gencos said...

4.25 = RM4xx


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