Thursday, July 14, 2011

Facelift Conversion on my Bike.

Free up my evening today to do a facelift conversion. Been busy going here and there to settle up my scholarship application. Hopefully I'll be selected for it. Its for 'tenaga pengajar profesional' something, in other words, hopefully it can prepare me to become an educator one day. I wanna become a lecturer after I graduated next two years. Engineer would be nicer but both also can.

So started by removing the original headlamp. Mine is the second generation of DMXR.

Few screws and some wire removal and its down. Here's a comparison between the Zenki and Kouki version of headlamp.

On detailed observation, found out that the second generation type is using 4-pin type.

While the first generation type use the 3-pin + 1.

So what I did was I cut out the 4-pin and matched out with the 3-pin +1 wire. And tape it up properly.

As for the signal, both type use the same 2-pin so its the same. After everything were done, here's the result.

Looks like the bike gonna be a bit 'colorful' now. And soon gonna find a new butt that has pointier end. Once done, gonna spray it white color! With florescent orange wheel to match it. Oh, tomorrow gotta change the plate number too.

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