Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some photos from JB.

Some of my pics during last trip to JB. I love JB! Seriously!

Mok was preparing foods for her family's open house.

'mother in-law' mode. Chocolate fountain anyone?

Jaguh showed us some skill in the kitchen!

Mok's little cousin.

And after the open house, we followed Mok's uncle (which also a car's maniac) to see sprint test. Honestly, I still prefer drift than drag. Why? More time on track, more smokes, more adrenaline rush, and more stylish. Hehehe. Nevertheless, some pics:

Pasir Gudang circuit.

Some lousy panning:

Mok's uncle sponsored some cars. This is one of them. G2 sticker shop.


Anonymous said...

Bodek mak mertua ok da..Passed!
How bout bodek-ing father-in-law??

Thanks a lot for ur time in JB..
N helping my fam on our openhouse..
N tq too becuz helping us finishing all da food...

Jaguh said...

Bodek father inlaw die still xpass ker?? hehe.. Aku pass rite .. haha .. U got some competisi.. mwahaha.. Jangan mara joking only haha..

BTW johor trip was super duper fun.. thanks for the good times..


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