Friday, December 19, 2008

Putrajaya photoshoot

Few days after we return from JB, Mok came to KL for her photoshoot for Deballz. So, yesterday's night, we went out to Alamanda to eat some waffles. Nyum nyum! While eating the waffles, I was thinking bout 'Hiro Nakamura'; a character from 'Heroes' drama. lol.

Anyway, I was thinking bout doing some scenary shots as Putrajaya has a nice light setting at night. I also was thinking bout doing some panning. That is truly not a good idea as I need to use a very high ISO and very slow shutter. Of all 300+ photos, only around 30 shots can be used. Hahaha.

Anyway, my waffles. Nyum! Paid by Mok and Jaguh. Muehehe. Thanks guys!

Project Codename : Old school VS Modern school.

Model : Toyota Corolla KE70 DX.

The old 'not-so-virgin' spotted on the highway at a high speed.

The old car slows down and shows us some 'bling' especially the dish-ed rims!

What the heck?! Spongebob was tortured in front of the grille.
Old car need a nostalgic feels. lol. Actually the lighting and color was bad.

The proud owner, Mr. Jaguh a.k.a Afif.

Kompleks Kerajaan Putrajaya--> A nice place for photoshoot.
And also at the bridge.

Model : Hyundai Getz.

The modern breed chasing the old virgin, KE70.

Mixed breed; Satria GTi parts + Hyundai Getz.

Look fast? HAHAHA. Try again next time.

I guess this is the only pic that doesnt need to be edited. LOL!
Slow shutter + low ISO + tripod = Cun!

Many thanks to Mok and Jaguh for sparing some times for the photoshoot. And for doing what I ask, etc. Im the boss that day. Muehehe. I would love to try panning shots again someday, in the daylight!


3R1C said...

come take some pics of my car...

Rosso said...

Can can... In exchange for a cheaper bucket seat.


Jaguh said...

Rocking.. I like the Kompleks kerajaan Pics.. Ketam Looks like a million bucks.. Thanks bro..

3R1C said...

bucket seat already in ipoh...
sepang hardcore bought it.

when are u coming here?

Rosso said...

I dunno. My grandma is living with us in KL, so maybe not now.


Chrix said...

wah...that KE damn gangsta man

..i'm uber jealous. Of the car & the camera =P

Anonymous said...

Haha~U are sooo bossy dat day..
Feeling like want to gigit ur ears!!

Bout the waffles-->small thing..

Next time take Mawi's pic too k..

He's sulking oready when I told 'him' dat u took the pic of Ketam n Getz..hahahhaah

Rosso said...

Chrix, the KE70 is in its standard form. No mods, except the exhaust and a clean engine bay. All done my Jaguh himself. Used to be a locked axle, but already broke 3times I guess.

How's my photos? :P Any improvements?

Im only using Nikon D40, the cheapest of all DSLR. :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, now that's a sexy KE70! slurrrpp~~!! ^^

Rosso said...

Damn, everyone also luv the KE!!


Anonymous said...

Kakakaka~! Time to get a FR now! LOL!

Rosso said...

FR? Coming soon ^^


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