Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DCM Drift for Charity, Bukit Jalil, 30th Nov 2008

Some of the event's pictures. It was more fun compare to the day before. So many different cars, and different engine sounds and more smokes! Hmm, Im running out of ideas bout being creative in the drift photos. Sigh. Im sucks at human photos, and also angle photos. I guess drift photography is the easiest and also the most dangerous. LOL~

Some pics:

Love the Levin Coupe!

Yoong's sick+Gila Kuasa S13. Talking bout hundred thousand of Ringgit being spent on the car..

Love the S13's front.

When I will be getting myself an A31? Hmmm.

The most special appearance is the wideboy 350z! I guess Im lucky enough to get the shot as the 350z only play for 2laps.

More pics here.

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