Thursday, December 11, 2008

JB Trip Day 1.

We arrived at 11am. Took us 3hours, which is quite fast coz most of the time I was driving around 130-140km/h. I was trying to push over 160km/h, but the speed limiter for Getz is 160km/h! Sigh, I do need a unit of RSM. Hehehehe. Hopefully, no love letter will arrive at my home soon!

Jaguh look's tired after sitting for 3hours. lol. We are staying at Mok's granny house.
Got a birthday present from Jaguh. A racing glove! Now, I got a helmet, a balaclava, a racing glove, BUT NO RACE CAR YET! Muahahaha.

Then we went to City Square JB for a lunch. I was eating a chinese food which I forgot the name. Hahaha. Still waiting for them at this time.

Eat time!

Afif was looking for a gift for his gf, so Mok looking around too.

Autobots logo?! Wait, look properly, its 'Pop Kaki 5'!


Da Devil said...

fuh...BELL racing glove...nice...u got all the stuffs ady...left wif shoes and car..hehe...sell off ur getz,get a FR car..hehe

Rosso said...

Hehehe. Yesterday we went to Danga Bay and droooooling all over at the bike shop. Looking around. Got sooo many helmet design.

Shoes? Emm.. Even Along kaki ayam when drifting. The last was when I with him in the 1jz 5series bimmer.

FR car.. Errr Err... Waiting for Mok to spend her JPA $..Muhehehehe

Anonymous said...

Ape nih??my JPA??

let me think first la...
I got lots of modeling job,then its fine..


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