Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twilight (Movie)

Fuck those romantic movie! Yeah. That was me before this. But after I'd gone to the cinema yesterday, I think Im kinda cool with the romantic movie. Hehehe. Gosh, I love the Twilight movie! Its got an interesting plot, a cool line of actors to support it, no porn (lol), filming a lot in the nature, etc etc etc. Erm.. Im not good in making a comment, but my suggestion; just go and watch it. Really! Finally, a movie that worth it to watch.


Eh, where's my darling? Sorry that I always been a jerk. Hek hek hek. After watching the movie, now I know the need of someone. Hehehe.


Jaguh said...

Awwwweee so sweeet.. Not a fan of movies, tapi from your review mcm best.. maybe lao dah agak boring aku g tgk gak kowt haha..

BTW Jimmy kimmel nyer parody pasal this movie the best aku pnah tgk ..

Rosso said...

Sumpah pergi tengok. And YES! Im going to watch it again soon! Worth my RM10!

Anonymous said...

Finally u realized da need of someone eh??

Ya la dear..
nnt kte p tgk ea...


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