Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Semester Break project.

Some planning I had thought earlier was:
*Repaint eyelid with clear coat.
*Repaint grill coz color had fade due to hot temp.
*Search and install the Satria GTi spoiler.
*Repaint rims.
*Learn more bout Getz.

First, before doing anything, I had sent Getz to be cleaned up. Why? Coz later on, it will be easier for me to do painting job, and the car had not been cleaned for a while.

So, here's the eyelid without the clear coat. Not so shiny.

I will be painting it back today. So it need to be removed first. Tara.. More scars on the eyelid while Im trying to remove the tape. Next time I need to be more careful.

The method that I used was polish + you nail + and a piece of cloth. Tara... Here's the result.

And finally, my fucked up grill.

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