Saturday, December 6, 2008

New spoiler part 2.

More updates:

How senget it is?! You be the judge.

Dirt already been cleaned up.

Working area.

Spoiler that had been sanded and smoothen.

Primer and sanded again!
Primer still doing..


Chris said...

wonder if a EK TypeR spoiler would have looked nice on your ride...hehehe

Are you going CF look on the spoiler?

Rosso said...

haha. Im trying to source GTi parts as much as I can. Rim also already GTi. Now spoiler. Next I want the emblem.

CF? nope! Body color :)

Chris said...

I know someone selling the "GTi" & "16v" emblem..want want?

Bila nak masuk emjin gti? =D

Rosso said...

Enjin? Hua.. 1.8.Cannot. Illegal.

The plan is....(5-6years soon) is to fit in B16 if the car is still with me.


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