Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One Night in Putrajaya.

Yesterday we (me, Aliff, Darleen, Anis and Jazli) went to Putrajaya. Its been awhile since our last hangout. Who are they?" My best buddies ever. I never mention them before coz we only met during our holiday. And it's hard to make all of us gather around and having fun together. Too bad Ariff (my roomate) cant join us due to other commitment.

To my surprise, the pictures taken are quite sharp and nice. Im surprised coz Im using 1/10 shutter speed which is damn slow and most of the time the pictures will be blur and sucks. Plus Im only using a 'standard' Nikon D40. Of course lah some of the pics are rescued by the Photoshop. Hehehe.

Some photos are shot by Jazli, Aliff or me myself.

Some infos bout them:

Darleen = Our one and only senior/sister. Currently studying at UiTM Segamat. Final year already. Very smart girl and very good in making money. Haha.

Jazli = Serious dude. But sometimes love to make jokes. KDU student. Sponsored by Petronas. Tokoh Pelajar of his school. Bla Bla Bla... Too much goodies to be written. Hehehe. Studying in Engineering. Going to German next year.

Anis = Another smart girl in the group. Just finished her foundation at AusMat. Funded by JPA. Going to Australia soon. Our doctor in charge soon!

Aliff = Lil bro of Anis. The one who love to follow Anis so that is why he's on the group. LOL~ Since he's the junior, he always get bullied. Kwang Kwang. Our backup photographer besides me and Jazli. Studying at UiTM Penang.

Here some other pics:

Wee. Im in the middle of the road! Try to do this in the morning and see if you head is still attached or not. Haha.

They love the traffic light I guess.

Borrowed Dad's car. My excuse : "Panaskan enjin je.."

G recommended us to use MALAY as much as we can, but this place's name was Palace Of Justice before it was being exposed on TV! Now the name is Istana Kehakiman. LOL! G love to make joke about themselves!
One of the way G's wasting the Rakyat's money is by litting up the road and building at Kompleks Kerajaan so that it look nice but nobody's around!? Ubah Gaya Hidup!

Idea and photos by Aliff.

Self-timer methods. Haha.

Love the angle. Credits to Aliff.

Basically we are having too much fun. So now, me and Jazli already caught a flu and mine is better coz I got fever too! Rest time~


reBELLEious said...

kesian demam..
nanti kite gi amek gmbr lagi!!!
roger n out~

ariph hamzah said...

mamat yg nak pg german serious hot dow!!!!!
krm salam kat dia....

rebellious said...

hey gayness...
obsession towords own species~
jaz n ariph...isy isy isy...


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