Friday, February 13, 2009

This is me, now and then. Part 1.

Was checking out my photo collection, and kinda miss the moment coz most of em' really were a GOOD memory. Especially during the 'hot' drift months! I met a lot of new friends, and learn new stuffs. And how did I start taking interest in photography? Actually, earlier I bought the camera for fun. Its the cheapest type of SLR, Nikon D40 with all OEM stuffs. Then first time meeting Mr. Jaguh and we went to Bukit Jalil for drift show. And the story begin!

This is my first time driving an old car. Was going to Bukit Jalil. And this is when I said in my heart "Wtf did Jaguh bought? A rusty car!?"

Inside Wanbra's RWD Proton Satria. Man, I miss this event!

My first time being a photographer. Panning? What's that?! Hahaha.

Jaguh also was kind enough to give me the chance to shot his car. My first car photoshoot.

Then, I got hired by Maxxis Drift Team as their photographer. This is where the fun begin! I got paid to shoot pictures, met a lot of different photographers, and learned more on panning, making friends with the drifters, riding with them, and learned few stuffs bout cars.

I was lucky enough to get a ride with Along of Team Toyo in a 1jz Bimmer! Thanks to Jaguh for the 'Auto' mode shots :P .

Maxxis 5-series Bimmer with 1jz.

Can you see the grin in my face? Hahaha.

And going on, my second photoshoot. Not official coz I just snap this pics without Along's permission. But it came out that Along love the pictures, so I just put it on the net. I'd say this is the best pictures I ever shot!

Sweet sexy looking AE70 that belongs to Along.

This is my personal favourite.

To be continue...

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