Friday, February 13, 2009

This is me, now and then. Part 3.

Moving to the 3rd part was my improvement in panning photo. With a lot of positive feedback from forumers, I did some R&D on the angle on my photos, tried slower shutter speed to make the car in the photo looks fast on sideways, more on M and S mode,and I learned how to use the Photoshop! And thanks to the event organizer for letting me stay inside the track. And all the drifters that smile and pose for me whenever I shoot y'all.

Some random shots:

Burn with his Lancer tandem with Zyfull A31.

Along Rempit RB25 A31!

Jai with his **wide** 910sss! One of the most humble drifter ever. My favourite old school.

Jaza with Zyfull A31. My first Genting drift-touge experience was in this car. Driven by Joe40sen. Unlucky for Zyfull, this car was stolen not long ago.

Burn? Another friendly drifter.

Female drifer is very rare in Malaysia. And to find one with a friendly attitude is much harder. This is one fine example of both. Jane of Sync Optima in her S1315.

Toyo Drift.

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