Saturday, February 21, 2009

UIA AutoGala 09 (Saturday)

Im all hyped up to go to see some drift action and of coz takin some pics, but end up watching the action from spectators area. The organizer didnt allow any other photographers to enter the track except Hypertune's mag cameraman only. Sigh..

Wow, never thought the event was soooo 'BIG' and sooo 'glorious' that they didnt allow any other photographer to take pics from inside. Wow. Nevermind. Was just checking out the sooo glorious event. Not interesting at all. Even the BIG Toyo drift also allow us to sit inside the track.. Hmhm. Nevermind.. That was just my dissapoinment today.

Tomorrow gonna go to UiTM AutoMech drift event where photographers can take some pics from inside. I got 1 media pass for tomorrow. Wee...

Some lousy picha today..

Earlier was going with Jaguh. End up his clutch plate was broken, so we parked it in my college and drove 808 to meet up with Mr.Redzone, the Form 4 student who have a big ball driving around with no license. LOL.

Redzone with Jaguh and my lil bro.

Wuuu... Bad-ass TE37.

Hah. Less than 6cars attended for the practice day. Wow. So glorious.

We end up watching Rempit's drag. Fuhh.. Strip to the bone.

Preng preng..


yasin said...

form 4 dh ade ke70 perghhh

Rosso said...

Rezeki dia.. Lain orang lain rezeki an... Aku tau dengan simpanan yang ko ada tu dah mampu leh bli 910sss + RB20det!

Tak pun ko simpan je duit ko, nnt aku dapat pegi oversea, beli je 808 aku


kErOL.... said...

maner gambar UiTM????

~mek^mizahhh~ said...

nice shot!

Rosso said...

Thanks for the compliment.

Uitm punya dia atas..


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