Friday, February 13, 2009

This is me, now and then. Part 2.

Then, Jaguh started to modified his car to a budget tight drift spec. I was so excited whenever he let me drove. Bwahahaha. With the exhaust note, stripped interior, full lock axle, tyres screeching, that is priceless memory. My first ever driving a RWD drift spec car. We were always practise the drift theory at his housing area.

Woops. Getz had been molested too!

To my surprise, Jaguh wanted to join the local event. Why am I surprised? Stock KE70! So without much hesitation, we do joined the event and being the most pisang drifter ever at Bukit Jalil. Another priceless moment!

Jaguh having fun!

My best try without Jaguh on the passenger side. Lol.
No sifu to yell 'HANDBRAKE, 2nd GEAR, BRAKE, FULL THROTTLE' = spun!

One of the easiest skill to do with this KE70 is human cone. And Jaguh is the victim. Hahaha.
And my first time uploading a video. LOL! Thanks to Mok for the video! I was showing off to the Satria Neo's boys. Hahaha.

Eventhough we were not good on drifting (mind you, this is a stock KE70), we made it on the internet! Wee.. Picture of me in Sync Optima forum. Thanks to Jane or Ariff for this priceless photo.

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