Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jeng Jeng Jeng..

Lol. Its nothing.. Just a little update while my car is inside the workshop. Why? Changing the short stud to a longer stud, Toyota's stud, 1.5mm thread? What the hell is that? Hahaha. Was listening to Jaguh when he said that, so just type it here then. Hehehe. No pics at the moment.

Just a little update,

Jaguh found it! Rubber for my door so there will be no moist in the driver side. Guess how old is this stuff? 30years! Still with the original package.

Fitting time.

And Ayip, Jeembo's crew changing my studs. Rolling fender will be done tomorrow, so I just leave the car there.

1 comment:

Chrix said...

30year old rubber strips still in packaging? Your mech has skills, mad ones.

I bet you could sell that for a nice amount to US/UK fanboys =D


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