Monday, February 2, 2009

Emm, muscle enough?

Emm, finally; my last day at home. Just arrived at my hostel. Sigh. Kinda miss my Muzda already. Hehehe. Geram coz a few minor stuff didnt manage to settle yet.

Met with Josh last night to pick up my rims. Bought the rims from Jeyaraj. Very patient and good attitude seller. And cleaned it up in the same night. So this morning, go to nearby tyre shop to fit in the new rim. Looks OK, but as usual, more problems encountered~

So here's some pics on Stanley's request!
(p/s: Will be getting a used 808 speedometer soon. Me and Jaguh also cant stand to watch the RXZ speedo..Hahaha)



The problems? Here it is!

Stud toooooo short!! Need to go to Jeembo's this weekend to change to a longer stud. Problems only occur for rear rims.

And of coz, with offset and wide rim, fender will be eating the tyres. Damn~ As expected, so will refer to Jeembo also to roll the fender.


Anonymous said...

Damn, how much can proper rims perfected a car's look!
Your car looked totally different with the newly equipped mangkuk rims, looks great!
Mind sharing what size are those rims and what tires you're wrapping it on?

Rosso said...

Front : 13' 6.5jj -10offset.
Rear : 13' 7jj -30offset.

Tyres? For now, all rims are equipped with 175/70/13 tyres.

Front is brand new -dunno brand-, rear is crappy tyres.

Mangkuk rims are suggested by RetroSyndicate members. Summore, Jeya racun me with 7jj -30. So took the deal.

Da Devil said...

papi...need flare...flare...otherwise will look like some big foot...or mayb tat is ur intention lar...

yea...jeya is a nice dude...lolz...although havent meet wif him yet...wakaka

Jaguh said...

Muscle much.. With the stripe hehe.. All a car need is a nice pair of wheels to make it stand out.. Tak payah simpan bawah katil kan.. huhu just your luck..

Rosso said...

Hehehe. Flare? This weekend!!!

Tak kerana Enche Jaguh, this car wont be on the road


Chrix said...

you need better stance. tuck those badboy rims in mar..

Rosso said...

This weekend. Im in my college ady.

3R1C said...

dude... roll fender won't help.
my suggestion, cut the fender, custom welding to make it wide body. that will be MEAN!

Chrix said... it Pro Modified style.

..but thats drag car style, your going for "kereta gelongsor" right?

zamildrift said...

Pergh bumblebee anda sungguh mengancamz.

Stan, go find those cheap mangkuk rims la..your car needs a new shoes LOL.

Rosso said...

Chris, I prefer the Bumble Bee theme. Hehehe. Wanna paint it with flat black ,but most of the reply I get is, dont paint it!

Zam, thanks dude~

phat_lee said...

don't paint it la bro...otherwise it will be the new bumblebee...biar ol'skool laa..(baru tgk trailer T2 : Revenge of the fallen..menitik air liur wehh...)


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