Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sometimes I do feel like selling the car when problems occur again and again. Again, this is because of short funds, and I dont have time to fix the car's problems as Im in college yo, bla bla bla..

So some updates again before class starts tomorrow:

Longer studs. Will be putting spacers soon.

Remove rear seat to see the floor. So far so good. No rust as previous owner had already fix the floor.

Fender finally had been rolled. Hmm, not symmetrical though. Left and right are different. So need to fix it back after had been slammed.

Fucked up area during rolling. Previous owner took a shortcut during bodywork. Sprayed the damaged area to sooth my eyes or else I will WANT to fix it during this exam week.

Whats more? Yesterday brought it to my college before the car fucked up again in the same night. So need to waste more of my times to send it back home and pass to Jaguh. So today Jaguh took the car to see what is wrong this time.

He suspected the alternator is ready to be changed as the engine sound's just like a car running with one removed spark plug. Talking bout a boxer sound. Hehehe. Maybe need to replace the cable plug and so on that related.

Plus lately my engine temp is very irregular. Maybe the radiator cap is the problem source. Plus a 32 years old radiator fan that already soft. Hmmm, need the fan housing too to cool down the temp as Jaguh's KEtam temp is now steady after he changed back his belt fan + housing from an electric fan.

So how to fix? What the hell. I trade with Jaguh. Hahaha, I mean I took his car for this week. 808 will be left to rot at his house until I got more $$$$ to replace the fucked up parts. Huargh..

Old car = problems
Study = problems

Old car + study = MORE problems. Dammmmnnn...


Da Devil said...

take it easy dude...i oso almost had the same prb when i 1st got my A31,but nw i juz slowly change the parts,even nw when it got minor prob,i oso thinking of selling it...i knw how u feel...hmm

Vince said...


Let's be frank. Do you know why did you buy this car? Do you really need it. I am quite sure your Getz is much better than this car at this moment unless you are willing to spend $$$$$ to restore it. If you do restore it, do you plan to drift it ($$$$ again)?

Given a choice to me at this situation, i would ditch this car, drive the Getz and save up for a better one(if you know what car you really want). You may be able to sell it a Retro car website at a possibly acceptable price.

Next is to know what you want;
1) To drift (Get KE70 - economical spare parts but tyre will $$$$)
2) To go highway wangan (Get a powerful turbo car "RB engine?")
3) To Drag (Get turbo K car )
4) To touge cheapest fun. (Get a balanced car with good suspension)

I took choice 4 and choose the Civic for the stability of double wishbone suspension which able to be a family car and a semi-fun car "at Cameron".

So what do you want to do with the car if you will spend $$$ to buy one again?

Rosso said...

No plan for the moment. Might be just to restore it, not for drifting unless somehow its raining gold here.

If you ask me, I want 910sss!

jOsh_taKumi86 said...

yeah take it easy...i guess when owned a old car sure will face all those things...

Vince said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vince said...

Since you like Retro, no harm keeping it.
I do agree the 190sss BlueBird rocks, especially after an engine drop in :). RB engine to be exect.

joshua said...

dude.. why give up so fast? i build my current ride when i was still in college.. i worked my ass to death after classes till the wee hours in d morning just for the cash to build up the car.. dun give up so fast... and mind u.. last time i sleep 3-4hours perday average lol

Rosso said...

K I will try. Just a bit tension due to exam :P

Jaguh said...

You aint be giving up that easy lil boy.. haha.. This is one trap you cant get out from.. The more you struggle the more it sinks you in.. I'll help you sinks faster k.. haha..

No worries, everything can be solved.. we just need time.. Time will bring money and money will bring progress.. your car condition is already 3/4 to my car.. and you only used it for one month only.. that is an achievement in my book.. What i have learn, i will pass on to you.. so just listen to me.. no need to wories.. nothing is perfect.. even you Getz act up once in a while rite.. ?? and its a new car.. so do the math lar.. No need to worry so much


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