Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Drool Time!

(p/s: Cut n Paste thread. So sorry. Exam week :P Please click on the pic if you want to see the pics)

Geez, one day I wanna shoot some photos like this, and this one is dedicated to Mr. Jaguh. I know he loves his car soo much, and the fact that his KE70 is with me this week. Hehehe.

Here's some medicine :P

Hey dude, someone using your chrome lips too!

Credit to Speed Hunters. Hmmm, lets see some action of Jaguh's KEtam next year at UiTM Shah Alam perhaps? Perhaps 808 will join too? Only time will tell!

Looking at this pics makes me all hype again to reconsider what I have in my mind for 808. Restore and drift project will be continue!


Chrix said...

His secret identity, revealed!


Rosso said...

Jaguh need to slam his car, aite? Hahahahahahaha

Jaguh said...

This dude spend around 4 years building his AE71 to this spec man.. He used to play like we do too, locked axle and standard engine.. I read all about his car in his thread in aussie forums.. We still have a long way to go man before we get to this level.. Someday my ketam and ur tebuan will be featured on speedhunters too.. I'm sure on that.. just have to wait and slowly build our ride..


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