Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I had finished my semester. I am at home. I am playing games all the time. I am happy coz exam is over. I am happy coz I dont need to go to class for a month.


Im feeling bored already!! Hahaha. My parent going to 'Haji' tomorrow. I will be the head of the house. Sigh. Im going to have a big responsibility so I bettter not mess it up. Hahaha. Well, lets see some plan for the holiday:

*Going to JB for fun.
*Buy and install a new spoiler for Getz.
*Repaint all minor damages from Getz including eyelid which need the clear coat and also the new spoiler soon.
*Take care of the house.
*Be a good boy for a month!

Can I do that? Hehehehe. Oh by the way, Im playing Maple Story now. Its an online game and it's addicting you. So best of luck! Hahaha. But its fun! Serious! Going to play now.. Taraa~


Da Devil said...

maplestory...lolz..u still a kid meh??anyway...i got 1 lvl 7+ hermit if not mistaken and 1 lvl 9+ hermit...muehehe.....but din play ady...

3R1C said...

do as wat i told u! hahahahah
wat spoiler u getting? same as mine?

Rosso said...

Kazu, kinda bored, so ask friend to find a game for me so that Im not bored for a month. Im a IceLigtning Wizard. Baru lv34. Hahahaha.Gimme your ID lah! Let me play!

Eric, Im getting a Satria GTi spoiler. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Going to jb??ok2..

Be a good boy for 1 month??hehe~

Take care of ur lil'bros...ok??

Addicted watching my fav tv shows already when on holiday..
1st-->heroes(thanks to you..~)
2nd-->Kyle XY season 2

Games??Got new games in the PSP rite??But didn't play it yet...Thanks to you too!!

Da Devil said...

lolz...soli bro...forget ady...if not mistaken the character is call Devil1313 or dadevil....but forget the password ady...u play in which world?my character in tat...erm cassio?


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