Saturday, November 1, 2008


My brother is still warded. And the blood sample's result is still unknown. The doctor said it might be dengue fever. Haish.. Pity to him coz usually he's the most cheerful guy and now? Not so. Hehehe. Hope he will get better soon.

Sleeping at hospital also make me sick. The bed is too soft. I feel the besi you know? Ok, I had done my parts by taking care of him last night. Hehehe. Now must focus on the exam~ Sigh..

My mum and the sick boy, Amir. Hehehe.

And my upah for taking care of him? Hehehe. I feel guilty for this bill. Hehehe.


3R1C said...

dude... the upah is kinda high right?

Rosso said...

Hehehehe. Kinda lah.. Sekali sekala..


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