Thursday, November 13, 2008

Four More To Go!!

Sigh.. 4more papers to go before Im on holiday. Today damn tired. Quite a time since my last update. So here goes today's activity.

Slept at 6am yesterday and woke up at 10am. Wait for Mok at UTM and then we went for a movie, Quantum Of Solace. Emm.. Not bad, just didnt kick like usual Bond movies. Nevertheless, still a good movie of the months!

Got sunshade from the movie also:

And, the return of the retarded driver. Gosh, this is just too good to be missed! What an ass! I guess the driver is special coz:
*Parked at handicap parking lot. I dont see any "Careful, retarded driver onboard" sticker.
*And then, take TWO fucking slot just for himself. WTF? I guess the driver must be blind also!
Typical behaviour of KL driver. I hope driver like this should die A.S.A.P coz too retard to be on the road.

And then went to see Dad at Bangi. Argh.. Damn far. Timesquare + jammed to Bangi take about 1hour. My car behave better now since last service. Hehehe. Forgot to update coz busy with exam. I had changed the ATF oil to a Castrol brand and I tried the Idemitsu Extreme Touring 10W40 Semi Synthetic. I'm very satisfied with the improvements. Less sluggish when changing gears and Getz feel much better with the smooth acceleration. And as usual, it was done at DoriDori, my favourite auto garage. Price also reasonable. Do visit them and give it a try!

And then, halfway at Cheras got jammed. I thought got roadblock or what. Eventually there is a murder scene I guess. Emm, I missed the bustop coz way back when I was in school, this is the place for me to wait for the bus. Damn tiring waiting the bus to come. G should try the bus first before advising us to change lifestyle. After they tried, maybe lah most of us can change lifestyle. Buying a lot of Mercedes instead of using our 'national' Perdana also consider changing lifestyle eh? Stupid G as usual. Every words that came out of their mouth are lies, lies, and more lies. Those who trust them also more stupid. Malaysia is full with stupid people everywhere. Check out my blog also enough to see how much there is here.. Chiaow for now~


3R1C said...

erm... if i have a pajero i'll tow the car n left it in the middle of the road. hahaha...

Rosso said...

I wanna scratch the car but got CCTV lah, so dun dare to do it. But damn keng to park like that..

Anonymous said...

biasa lah..

OKU people behave like OKU's..
But real OKU's don't behave like he did!!
The OKU sure to be ashamed of his behaviour!!!
(menjatuhkan martabat OKU je..)



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