Saturday, November 8, 2008

Barbie Doll!

Finally! An update from the modelling agency.

Previous post was here.

Mok's pics are out. Although just two pics. No official update yet from Dreamlass coz its for 2009 ad. I'd say Mok looks like a Barbie doll to me this time. Hehehe. Keep up the good job!

So here's some pics:

Do checkout Mok's blog at


MOK's said...

my name oready changed to Barbie Doll..!yeay!

Jaguh said...

No, u still Hamster mok that look like barbie only hehe.. Mok look so different in the pic lah wei ..

Rosso said...

Mok's is barbie doll now

3R1C said...

wow... she's gorgeous!

Rosso said...

YE ke ye ke? hehehehe.



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