Friday, November 28, 2008

Dream Lass

Hey, Mok's pics is out! Check it out:


Come to think bout it, I have to be careful with Mok now since she is going to be somehow glamour soon, she might be 'selling high price' with me since Im a jerk. Hehehe. Im who I am. I cant change that. Kekekeke.

Will you do that, Mok? :P I hope not.


Anonymous said...

Nehh~No la..
You are good enough for me..
But sometimes u 'suka buat i merajuk+pissed off'haha~

Ya la..You got to take really good care of me!hehe~

3R1C said...

hahaha... dude... who asked u to pick on her too much? a bit of teasing is good but not over the line. erm... i think a better way is to get some gay bodyguard for her ;)

** look at the website... 36-26-28??!! That's killer man!


Rosso said...

Eric, which is? Hehehe. I dont understand.


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