Thursday, November 6, 2008


Lets see the aftermath of decreasing fuel price. Lets just take one example. This is at UTM so called International Campus, lets see what do their Koperasi did to help student with tight budget;

Em, RM1 for the air kotak, wow so cheap! Lets take it.. Then, wtf? Smaller than normal air kotak?! Oklah, put it back. Lets take Twister.. Aik! RM2.20!? Wtf? Other shops sell it at RM2 only!

Lets look at other section, wow, Milo and Nescafe! Lets see.. Hmmm.. I thought only 7-11 sell it at RM1.80. Oh, maybe the Koperasi is a 7-11 wannabe! Wtf?!
And the best part! Milo kotak at RM1.70. HAHAHAHA. WTF WTF WTF? Are they stupid or what? Normal shop sell it at RM1.50 only. WTF WTF? If 7-11 I might say its ok coz they open 24hours, and the Koperasi? 8am-7pm only~ Dutch Lady at RM1.60? Damn.. Maybe got some special formula for student to be more briliant coz normal shop also sell it around RM1.40.

Conclusion; maybe... UTM International Campus = Price also must be up to international standard... FYI, all shops at UTM are gaining maximum profit by putting price around this. Only our cafes is still consider cheap. Laundry also didnt put down the price after the fuel price decrease. They said, what an opportunist, I'd say what an ass. Lame, UTM should control the prices. Let them lost their tender for abusing the license. We are not rich like private college student. You guys; admin should know that. Or... Y'all too busy with the International Campus thingy? Sigh.. Its still lame by the way.

Hmmm... Maybe... Well.... Err Err.. International campus? You must be kidding me. Why? Let it just be a mystery for awhile. Later I will snap some of my International Campus.


Anonymous said...

biasa lah..
foreigners come,price of food supplies n wat-so-ever..rose up...

wat to do..
buy at 7E@petronas la then..
much satisfied..


Mobilespeed said...

ha ha ha...kesiannya...

UTM JB jugak best! Nasi putih + ayam goreng seketul + ikan keli goreng sambal + sayur skit + air sirap limau = RM4.50 sahaja!

he he he! mungkin bukan rezeki ko agaknya...

p/s: jangan tanye kenapa ako makan banyak mcm tuh...janji ako kenyang sampai skit duit!


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