Saturday, November 1, 2008


Boring again. Here's what I did before modifying the Getz. This one is when I decided to paint the black stripe to looks like 2doors Getz. But, that time also I got the idea to paint the hood to black also. Hehehe. So in the end, I painted the black bar to body color and also the H logo bar to black. I think I want to have a black roof next year. Hehehe.

So few months after that, I decided to let go the OEM rims to an aftermarket one. But my problem was that I want the new rims to look almost the same as OEM one. And, the solution is? Proton Satria GTi rims. Yeah I knew it's damn heavy, but that time my mind was I just want it to look the same. Again, it's photoshop thingy in the second pics. Not real.

And finally, the last edited pics I ever did, did it with my photoshoot pics :) Now, only the foglight didnt appear in the real world. Sorry, its two different angle, but at the same place and date. First pic is unedited, second is edited by me and Ilya.

Current condition. Pics taken at DoriDori.


Jaguh said...

Ur car lawa dy la bro.. Save up for another project car lar..

Dude check my mates a photog from aussie forum biz man .. maybe you could adapt few of his way of making money.. his way of making money is unique .. seriously, This is how pro works .. My dad once say, there's no such thing as hobby, There's always money in everything..

zamildrift said...

Off topic:

Agak aa. Sebab tuh aku ade byk things nak reconsider, nak PS3 dulu ke, DSLR, phone baru etc. Kalau boleh kill two bird with one stone, mmg aku dah buat. Tapi tuh la. Kene cari pilihan..

For now, aku dah target DSLR. Ade offer menarik nih..hehehe..

Rosso said...

Go for Sony Alpha. Dapat 2lens :)

zamildrift said...

Sony Alpha aku dah pakai dah, abang aku punye. Hmm okok la, tak sebagus Canon and Nikon. Camera feels plasticky, and the quality is not like Canon, Nikon and Olympus.

Lens takpe, aku boleh beli..lagipun abang aku yg lagi satu (aku ade 4 abg skali ngan aku, uh) baru je beli 450D. Leh pinjam sementare :D

3R1C said...

time for some update dude!

Chris said...

I saw this super angry looking Getz yesterday..siap CAI


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