Thursday, November 26, 2009

DIY : Engine Mounting.

Had nothing to do today, so I force myself to change the engine mounting so that the car will be drivable again. It's a sunny weather today. Quite rare in this month to have a sunny day. Did this from 4.30pm till 7pm. Haha. What I really excited was I did it myself. Without anyone helping. So, plus one into my own experience. Hehehe.

Here's the old rubber mounting. Sliced into half.

Jacking the engine. Using whatever tools that I have.

I removed the water hose, the battery and also the mounting. The hardest part was to remove the bolt due to lack of space. Took me around 1 hour to remove it.

Went to a local spare part shop, got myself a new rubber mounting. And on the right is the fucked up one.

And another 1 hour to fit in the new rubber mounting and adjusting the engine's height to fit it in. Urgh. Really not a good area to work. Too small till cant fit in my hands.

After that, refill back some water into the radiator, put back the battery, and try to start it. Yeah, it worked! And no vibration too. Test drove it and went back to the spare part shop. Initially I just wanted to exchange the starter that I bought the other day with something else, but the owner was kind enough to refund me. Wow, that's something rare also today. I bought a rubber ring to hang up my exhaust, and a H4 bulb for the lamp.

And in case nobody's buying the car, I bought a set of lug nuts for my rear rims. Its a special nut coz the nut have spacer and specially design to fit the rim and not 'boring' the rim holes. Also applied for SSR MKI and etc. And by next month, if nobody's buying the car, I'll send the car to do a proper wiring job, and maybe sending the car to paint shop? Who knows. Huahua.


Tomiya Takato said...

Ah, nowonder i saw it parked infront of the row houses today hahaha. Really hot and sunny today.

Rosso said...

The orange house is ma house loh. Where u live?

Tomiya Takato said...

Near the Black Skyline's house. Saw the car parked infront of a corner lot house when on the way home from work hahahaha.

Rosso said...

Hmm. The black one stay where? I knew only the red one. Near the KFC. U nearby?

Tomiya Takato said...

Yep, the red one has been sprayed to black since last year or so. Lets say my house's near Tadika Chung's =)


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