Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time To Get Dirty.

Yeah, most probably coz I bought myself a set of tools. Consist a sockets set, Philips and flat head screw driver, a spanar set or whatever you call it, a cutter, and a tool box. Yeay, my semester will be filled with DIY session.

Leaking. Hmmm.

Seriously I cant stand the heat that enter the inside of the car anymore. So back to basic, I'm fitting back the carpet.

After a few minutes, done! Less heat on the floor, less noise and looks much better.

And sealing the wiper area with silicone. I asked Im808 to seal off the vent. I'm doing for a good reason, so that there's no more rain water entering and damaging the firewall.

And its time to fit in back the offset rim. With bald tires!

Jack em up!

How's da fitment? I think OK OK only. Need a trimming when I'm painting the car I guess.

Low enough? Oh, anyone noticed that I remove the flare? Wanna sell it. Huahua.


asuramaru™ said...

makin ensem la kete ko mar....
makin jahat lak nmpk bila dah buat overfender...
nnt dah cat konpem makin ensem....
anyway ko x nk try cat sendiri ke??

Dennis Tan said...

Maybe you can try getting those spray on rubber insulator, which can act as sound damping agent and antirust coating. If not mistaken cost around 20++ per 450 ml bottle. Enough to cover 8 to 10 square feet. Advisory spray 3 to 4 layer for optimum effect.

Rosso said...

Tried to drift the car today. Not enuff power plus the steering box didnt response very well.


Asu, nope. Biar berkarat. Will not DIY paint.

Dennis, thanks. Will consider the option.

Anonymous said...

Amar i want to ask you how much you bought your tools for??? and bought from where bro???

Can tell me price of each set??? how the quality???

Rosso said...

All of em cost me around RM170.

Socket set = RM70.
The rest = RM100.

Quality? So far so good. Cant compare to those that cost thousand lar of coz. Im not a hardcore user so might be OK with it.

Anonymous said...

may i know from where you bought bro???

Rosso said...

My local hardware shop at the Alam Damai area.



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