Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Power of Will.

Gosh, I respect them. Them? Yeah, my parents. Since I was a lil boy, whenever they said they want it, they will do whatever it takes to get it. I mean all the hard works, and doing it seriously and steadily. It had been proven a few times. From getting a bigger house till getting their dream cars. But anyway, I'm not a spoiled child, OK? If yes, I would like to drive a GTR please Daddy. LOL.

Back to story, my mom quit her job this month. Officially. Leaving her RM15k+ salary and staying at home is a rare scenario one would do. She's suffering with backbone problem, which mean she cant sit for too long, standing for too long, and whatever she's doing, she cant do it in long hours. While my dad still working at the same company.

So as an alternative, she took an opportunity to do a business. An education business. Introduced by my aunt who's also leaving her job and doing this business. Simple business. I dunno how to describe it, but can check it out my aunt's website here. Those who are interested can give my mum a call at 0133 921 921.

How much they're getting per month? My aunt is getting around RM80k per month, while my mom is around RM65k per month. 4-5 times better than her own salary at the office. So that's why she's leaving. While me? I'm doing it also. But not so serious as my mum coz I was in college the other month. But getting around RM5-6k per month as a student also OK what. Even my step sister is getting RM7k per month. Uhh, jealousy.

By the way, my twin lil brothers got 5A's for their UPSR. Congratz to them. Its proven that the e learning portal is good coz my brothers usually got 1A for their trial. Haha.

This few weeks, they had been talking bout getting another car to boost up their image. This is where my fun began. I love visiting showroom. It gives me a boost for my spirit to become like them one day. I mean success in life.

So, some cars that had been checked out was,

CLK, SLK? I dunno lah. Im not a fan of Mercedes. My mom loves it, but two seater car.

This kind of Z33, but also two seater. Oh, I love Japanese car.

And Dad loves this one, but too expensive oh. Plus I think I'm the one who will be nagging to drive it if they bought it. LOL.

There's a few more choices like the 5 series, 6 series, X3, X6, E class, but I think they love this one.

Oh, its good to know that they are having the best part of their life right now. I mean financially healthy, even though their health is a bit unstable now. I wish I'll become like them too one day and I hope they'll have a much better life soon. Amin..

Hmm, it's time for me to think what car I'm getting next. I still want to drift. Not this poser kind who have a drift machine, drift spec some more, no knowledge bout the car, but only to park at a parking lot at a drift event. Sounds like me now! Haha. Need a better platform. But have to sell Bee first lah. Oh well, lets see how it goes. Need to chat with a few sifoos to gain extra knowledge now so that I don't repeat the same mistake.

The reason I'm putting this up is to show that there's always an opportunity for Plan B if your Plan A is not working well. This is one of em. Proven some more. That's what I learned from this stuff. Oh well, Im enjoying this business too. So enjoy while I can. Study as a hobby perhaps?


Anonymous said...

bro you sure you getting 5-6k a month??? how you like no money still to do car...

No offence but malays woth 5-6k then will be driving BMW d...

kev said...

u could consider the bmw z4 previous gen, if thats ok. if not, u can consider the s13, s14, s15 silvia or 180sx. i think theres a range of famous cars you could get too. haha, amar, damn, when i read you were broke, i didnt know you could be quite the opposite, lol. but yes, go grab something newer or old school if you may. i saw a 300zx z31 fairlady, as featured in wangan midnight, perhaps you might want to look into it

Rosso said...

LOL, that's becoz my mum is holding some of the money. Se said, not the right time to give me all the RM.

That's why Im moving on to the next platform. Hopefully everything goes well.

yasin said...

wow.. gile menarik......


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