Monday, November 2, 2009

Temporarily Away.

Well, actually that is because I'm having my final examinations for this semester, and I am two more papers away from the semester break. Yay! Thinking of going somewhere with true 'friends' soon.

Anyway, a lot of stuffs happened when I was away. I'll try to hook up with the summary of what had happened currently. Just one thing for sure, you cannot trust your friend actually. Even your best friend. Hahaha. Oh, Bee will be back this Friday. More surprise from Im808 I guess. I mean, he didn't really tell me what had he done to Bee. He said "See for yourself soon."

I'll be back. Cheers!


Not alive said...

picture's of the car??

Rosso said...

Jeya's lil bro,

Wow, congratz for the opening of the Retro Garage. I think if you put it as Retro e-Garage, it will be more interesting.

I dont have any pics for my car lah bro.

Anyway, do you want me to link your personal blog or the e-Garage?

Not alive said...

e-garage lah!

kev said...

good luck with ur exams!

Feliza said...

Well its true, its hard to trust friends.... even best friends.... :)

Rosso said...

Last paper tomorrow. Thanks for the wishes.

Hello Feliza. How did you find my blog I wonder?


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