Monday, November 23, 2009

Something That's Not So Funny..

What is happening to Bee right now? This is what's happening. Noticed anything different?

Anything now? Yes, the rubber mounting was sliced into half.

Hmmmm. Time to move on perhaps? S13? A31? 910? AE70? TE71? KE70? RX7? I know what's the best solution! Stay away from em'! Hahahahaha. Oh, Im starting to lose my patience. Slowly, and one at a time. Hmmm.


Vince said...

I do wonder have you learned the lesson.

If you list down the items below and see. Wonder if you will still keep the 808?

Things lost:
1) Friend? Who and how they treat you.
2) Money? How much? Can spend on what?
3) Time.

Things gain:
2) Good car? Reliable?

I think you should pull the hand brake and re-evaluate your direction. KE70 is a very good platform to start and get a mechanic friend with capability to check body or engine damage to go with you.

joshua said...

bro... think bout how much u spent on ur ride already.. maybe if rili unbearable its time to pull the plug.. or else.. slowly but surely.. put the pieces together =)

i dunno much bout what happened in between but support from old skool iph is always here bro..

Vince said...

You have to think long term about maintenance and petrol usage. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

its like we going,we not going,we going again...make up ur mind la macha...

i thought the im808 geng was really good in 808 cars??what happen?

Rosso said...

1) Lost few friends if I sell of the car. I think.
2) Already spent around RM10k on overall cost I think. Still a shitty car now.
3) Quite some time..

Damn, I'm not a fixed judgment person I guess. Still have the 5050 feeling. We'll see how it goes soon. I do love the car, but I cant afford to keep repairing the car while the car didn't serve me as a good transporter and part timer sideways.

No comment on the workshop thingy.. Hmmmm.

Should I proceed with the car? Fix the wiring, repaint the car and etc? Or should I sell it off and buy something better?


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