Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time to Move On! Selling my Bee.

Mazda UC engine swap. 1.4cc. JPJ endorsed.
Just overhauled. Still in a running in process. Another 600km to go currently.
Oversize piston. Should be around 1.6cc now.
Port and polish.
Head already skimmed. Should be a high compression engine.
Electric fan.
New battery.
Weber DGAV 32/32 still not fitted.
External fuel pump still not fitted.

Front : S13 adjustable suspension consist TEIN coil with Kayaba 4x4 Climbing absorber.
Rear : 3 tonne lorry absorber with lowering block.

4 speed gearbox.
Lightened flywheel.
Welded diff.

Replica Mazda RX7 semi bucket for driver side.
4-point harness for driver.
Momo dish steering wheel.
White leather re wrap for the whole car. Roof lining, door, and all four seats.
Vacuum meter.
Jasma RPM meter.

Front : 13' x 7j -1 Wedsports (Advan A3A shape.)
Rear : 13' x 7j -30 maybe. Dunno what brand.
Duck tail from Honda EG. Still not fitted.
Fender flare.
Rear chrome bumper from RX3 (Rare).
Metal bodywork done to seal holes on the floor.
1.7' exhaust piping with Rotary style exhaust tip.
Refurbished square tail lamp from 818.
All chrome trim and bumper still intact and in good condition.

Reason selling: Upgrading to a better platform.

Price 1: RM 6500 nego.
Extra parts :
Open diff axle with spare leaf spring.
A pair of 13' x 6.5j 'Mangkuk' rim.
Dashboard in the meter area.
Retro wooden steering wheel.
Original steering wheel.
Refurbished original tail lamp.
Spare exhaust tips.
Mazda front emblem.
Rear pillar air vent.

Price 2: RM4800. I will take a few stuffs and replace it with its stock item:
Weber DGAV 32/32 worth RM350.
External fuel pump worth RM120.
Fender flare worth RM300.
13' x 7j -1 Wedsports (Advan A3A shape.) worth RM600.
Refurbished square tail lamp from 818 worth RM200.
Rear chrome bumper from RX3 (Rare). Unknown price tag.
Vacuum meter. Unknown price tag.
Voltmeter worth RM120.
Jasma RPM meter worth RM150.
Replica Mazda RX7 semi bucket for driver side worth RM550.
4-point harness for driver worth RM150.
Momo dish steering wheel worth RM200.

Location : Cheras, KL.

Contact no : 012 72 3345 4, Amar.

Extra notes :
Car's full diary at
Engine still in running in process. Another 600km to go.
Car is rebuild to be a a drift machine but still haven't got a chance to drift it.
All original parts still intact. Only badges missing.
Need a new paint job to make it looks nicer.

Thanks for viewing. Can't stand my parents nagging anymore, so gotta let it go.


asuramaru™ said...

kalau btol2 ni ko punya keputusan....
carry on je la weh...
ak caya ko leh cari kete yang btol2 sesuai ngn ko....
anyway gud luck for your sale....

Vince said...

Good luck in your sale!

Carter said...


Rosso said...

Hmm. Im not running away from the problem, but to let it go is the best way.

Tsk tsk. To sell something that's so memorable to me is so sad. But, what to do~

Breakdown at PLUS, sleeping at PLUS, sweating in the car every time I drove it, water seeping in the car, problem here, problem there, etc. All good memories.


phat_lee said...

so bro, stop main olskool or looking for another olskool ride? try post your car kat la...

Edgar H said...


i haven't even driven my charmant yet and i could imagine the sadness if i sell it.. it must be difficult for you to sell something so memorable.

well now you've gained a second chance.. if i were you, i'd concentrate on my studies first, graduate ASAP, get a stable, well-paying job and then build yourself an even better drift machine!

what's that? getting married? .. it can wait bro. you're only young AND rich once! act your age, they always say. lol..

good luck on the sale!

Rosso said...

Got a few calls already. They must be an 808 lover too I think. Some of them will be viewing the car this weekend. I hope everything goes well.

My next platform? Unknown. Oldschool or newschool? Unknown. But I dont want the same problem with Bee too~

I'll do some research now so that I wont repeat the same mistake.

kev said...

sad to see it go man, i saw ur ad on mudah and i thought it was familiar! good luck with a new car replacement :D


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