Friday, November 13, 2009

Not Powerful Enough.

Yep. Not the engine, but the starter. I cant really just crank to start Bee's engine. Im808 told me that the starter is not powerful enough to crank the flywheel (Did I said it right?) due to high compression, so he suggested to change to a high speed starter. Well, this few days, my method to start the engine is by push start. Not the push buton, but to manually push the car!

So, there goes a hundred plus of mine to buy this high speed starter. From Proton Wira. Suppose to fit my engine.

Since I am too lazy to do it myself, I send the car to the workshop and let they do it. So, fitting time.

And what the hell, it didn't fit! Argh, I need to sell the starter since I cant use it. It is for Wira, a reckon brand (I forgot the name), and 3months warranty from the shop. RM120 nett. I didnt take a singe cent of untung. Do tell me if you want it.

And guess what, the main problem was the battery. LOL. After changing to a brand new battery, wallah! Done. No more crank problem. No more ehek-ehek, everything is working normally. Even the old starter. One thing that I can said that time was, FUCK. There goes my money on the starter. Hahaha.

Anyway, the other things that is in my concern now, is a leaking from the bottom of the engine. Hmm. Possible location when I checked yesterday was from the gearbox oil seal, the oil sump gasket, or maybe from the half moon (What is that?). So, will send the car back to Im808 once he's free from activity. Under warranty yo~

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