Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Almost There.. Part II

Today's updates:

I need this missing clip for my rear windscreen. Need two of em.

Vented hood coming..

Finally manage to settle the front spoiler's issue. I removed the intercooler and then alter here and there a bit, and get the final position. The only problem left is the curve area. Still hanging. Might ask Jimmy to put a bracket to hold the downforce before it break into pieces. Kekekeke.

Rear arch in the making.

On the other hand, I better find a new girlfriend quickly or else this blog will be flooded with Rolla's story only. Hahahaha. Sunday Drive by is around the corner (This Sunday!). Will take Rolla for a spin and as a proper introduction to public. Also might use the opportunity to climb Genting. We'll see.


Vince said...

Why not reconcile with 'Her'? I think she is quite sporting. :P

Da Devil said...

bro...find a new 1,trust me...when a relationship breakdown,no choice going bck,as when argument start arising,this issue will come up again,is our human nature to bring bck the old issue and personal attack

back to car issues,eh eh,den the intercooler will slanted out of the grill?i mean the down side near the bumper front lip

Rosso said...

Vince, neh.. Don't think that will happen.

Kazu, Intercooler will be like biasa lah. Hanging at the usual place. Once I got enough RM, I'll make a new piping and new intercooler.

Anonymous said...

Once got enough money??? earning 5-6k a month as student but still no money... kekeke

Rosso said...

Dude, how much I'm earning is my problem. And how I manage and spend it also is my problem.

Orang bodoh je spend semua duit yang dia dapat on the car dude. Low class citizen like you maybela spend everything you got on a car.

Something like having big car like Mercedes yet rumah setinggan.

And you know what, fuck off from my page.

Rosso said...

Petaling Jaya, Wilayah Persekutuan arrived on "A Wonderful Life Perhaps".
12:32:48 -- 1 hour 7 mins ago.

And also using Internet Explorer. I guess your PC is kinda outdated. Better go with Mozilla or Chrome.

I assume that is you and where you came from. Oh I thought you lived in rural area or something. Yet using Mercedes. I guess there's still Setinggan area in PJ.


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