Monday, January 18, 2010

Olskool.Org TT 2010.

Photo credits to Pokjik of Olskool.Org. All photos were taken from here. I'll update more when I got time.

Meanwhile, lets enjoy some of the photos although most of it that I copied only have my car.

9 am at the Burger King near Genting exit.

Happy face after scrapping the MRR2 in the morning.

The reason the lip was scrapping the road was becoz of the car is too low. Hahaha.

Was chasing Latiff of Rattlezasia. One of the regular drifter when it came to drift event.

More photos soon. Damage from the TT? Left front and rear arch were damaged due to tyre clearance, and the front spoiler was badly scratched. Too low I guess.


Tomiya Takato said...


Da Devil said... low..nice setting but malaysia's road juz cant take it..wakaka..damn so nice...haiz...everytime got gathering or driving on saturday or sunday sure i cant attend...damn college

Rosso said...

Love the stance too! Style over practicality. Dun care too :P

Kazu, Mike Starlet and Blank were there too.

Rosso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Da Devil said...

adui..blank oso at there..he din call car oso olskool..anyyay even he call i oso in class..wakaka
his KP nice bor?wakaka

mike starlet...omg,i still havent sit in ur car leh...wakaka

Rosso said...

Blank @ Beh's Starlet is completely stock and original condition except for the TRD spoiler.

While, Mike's Starlet, one-of-a-kind species. Fully drift spec and rebuild to drift. Got a chance to sat in his car. Different feeling lor compare to mine.

When my car siap, let's go minum2 la. I bring u ler.

Da Devil said...

no prob..wakaka...

Daz said...

omg! now i feel like getting my very own KE! kudos man.. very nice..! ;) we'll probably talk about them kits when i buy a dx for myself..!


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