Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday Practise Again.

On 1.1.10, I went to Brother's Balakong to tint up my windows. Huah, finally some privacy. Cost me RM180 for all windows except the front screen. Cheap one only.

Getting the measurement.

Almost done. I asked him to remove all stickers too.

Brothers was having a clearance sale, so bought this cute perfume. 3 for RM10.

This is 30% tinted, but I think it is a bit darker lah. Hmm.

And on last Sunday, I went to Shah Alam again for another practise session. This time, Lijet came too. Lijet is a professional photographer and he's well known in KL. Y'all can see his S14 in the upcoming Evolusi KL Drift 2. So, here's some onboard video with him. The handphone holder did a great job. Good investment I think.

Was using third gear all the way. Initially was using 2nd, but kept spinning at the first corner. Especially after the boost kick in. The steering angle is quite small, so I used third gear so I can initiate the drift longer although a bit slower. Overall, my confidence level is rising, and I didn't finish up my used tyres since last week. Not bad for a rough surface. 2 weeks usage. Din Longchamp is improving. He's getting better week by week. Cant wait to Tsuiso with him one day. Unfortunately, his car got a problem after the drift session. I didnt follow up coz I cant call anyone this few days. Maxis billing problem. Maxis sucks. Will follow up with him once I got my line back.


Stanley Carter said...

Man, your 4age got torque! 3rd gear like that, something that normal 16v NA can barely achieve, hehe~

Rosso said...

Of coz ler. Mine is turbo aite. But cant play around 6-7k RPM region or later I' blow the engine. So, 3rd gear is around 3-5k only.. Barely reach 5k.

Sayang woo engine. Anyone hearing the axle noise? :P


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