Friday, January 29, 2010

DIY : Polishing My Old Lenses.

Here's another DIY stuff for the day. Told ya I was too bored.

Subject : KE70 DX stuffs. Yes, I have a new set of these stuff. But where is the fun part of having an oldschool machine if I didn't try to restore it?

Dirty lenses ready to be polished.

The first step is cleaning up the lenses to remove dust.

My Super Duper Polishing Machine (SDPM) created with a drill machine strapped with old towels.

Put some headlamp polish on the lenses. Spread it evenly and wait for it to dry. Then buff em up with the SDPM. See da difference? The top one is not polished yet.

Before and after. Polish it 2-3 times depending on your mood. The more you do it, the more shine you will get.

One of the secret is to buff the lenses till it become hot at the surface. But not too hot till it melt the lenses. Spread with the SDPM evenly and do not stay at a place for too long.

Walla~ Done.

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