Saturday, January 16, 2010

Under the Coat.

Woke up in the morning today (Even though I don't have any class on Friday..), when Jimmy message me that the car key had broken into two pieces. So, I went to the shop and took the broken key and make a duplicate of it.

And all exterior stuff's had arrived. Finally. Thanks to Ipin for it!

I was told by Jimmy that the first layer of undercoat is to rule out or to find unevenness at the body. So, here's the first one. Hood and bonnet still not done anyway.

Kinda in love with the front fitment. Looks awesome!

Another view of the fitment. I wish I can lowered it a bit more to the ground. But definitely the front spoiler will scrapped everything on the road, so need to rethink again.

p/s - The intercooler looks fugly!


Da Devil said...

this height is ok ady,as mayb some of the shopping complex u might cant get over..u can try wif the alpha angle 1st,the exit bump..damn stupid 1..even my iswara normal height oso kena if go abit faster..wakaka

Rosso said...

Kazu, no shopping complex with this car. Might get stolen, so the car will be kept in a safe place, and only used for events.



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