Friday, January 22, 2010

Exam Week..

Still did not have time to upload some more photos during the OS Trip. Will do it once I finished my exam. A bit busy this week coz I need to renew my passport and unfortunately I lost my IC somehow. So more problems to me coz I need to rush here and there. Huargh. Gonna go to Japan this coming March. Can't wait for the trip!

Anyway, a day after OS Trip. Rolla had been stripped by now. Just fit in the bonnet pin and more filler applied.

Also bought this Puma Ferrari racing shoe. Stig Wannabe mode! :)

Anyway, just a random thought; I'm thinking of joining the FXOpen Drift Challenge. Well, just a thought. Will give a decision later. Hahaha.

Gonna go continue studying, so out for now.


Da Devil said...

nice shoes...wakaka...

woot...go to Japan for?bring bck souvenir..wakaka..damn...envy...stupid H1N1 last year,make my trip to Japan cancel...arghhhh

Stanley Carter said...

Foooyoooh! Japan trip! Hentai hentai!! LOL!!

I think you should definitely join the event, go for it!

Rosso said...

Go to Japan just for a vacation. Will be flying to China first, then sail with Cruise to Japan and Korea.

I hope the place that I will go have some car's stuff for sale.



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