Friday, January 29, 2010

DIY : Florescent Rims.

Too bored today, so decided to get myself busy. OK, so here's the process.

Subject : Dull 15' Fondmetal wheels.

The first step is to clean up the wheels. Use a detergent to make sure there is no dirt or oil left.

Sand it like there's no tomorrow. Just a light pressure is enough to wash away the top layer of the paint.

After that, dried it up and it is ready to be painted.

The spray cans consist of Flat White, Florescent Orange and the other that I forgot to buy is Clear Coat. The reason I choose Flat White as a primer is because flat color usually has rough surface, and white color will reflex the florescent color quite well and it is much easier to detect the unevenness when you are spraying the orange color.

Flat White as a primer. 4-5 layers should be enough. As for me, 1 can is for 2 wheels, so I just sprayed it layer by layer till the can is empty. Put more layer at the lip and the bolt area coz that is the usual place that will be scratched. The reason I didn't tape up the tires are because that is a set of bald tires that will be changed soon. Save up some of my time too.

Check for bubbles or unevenness at each layer. Sand it lightly to remove it.

The hard part is the first layer of Orange. Check out the unevenness. Well, the solution for this problem is just to wait for it to dry. Then touch up the area that is still in white color till every part of the rims have the same color. The color is too bright till my camera cant really focus on it.

Spray, spray and keep spraying.

And the results? Oh, don't forget to spray a few layer of clear coat so that the rims will be shining and less brake dust will stick.

Since my car will be white, it should turn up like this.


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