Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday a.k.a Holiday.

I'm starting to love 2010, simply because this semester, I don't have any classes on Friday. Which mean, by Thursday, I can relax or just go back to home. Some more, I only have four final papers, so less burden than previous semester. Currently still thinking on where should I further my study. Obviously a big NO to oversea study (I'm not interested, unless Japan, YES.), still cant make any decision yet. My UPU also still not registered.

I'm thinking of a place that is close to my home (Klang Valley area). Got a few options. The first one is from the UPU, which mean local university. Which also mean, freakin' cheap fees. UIA, UiTM, UPM, UKM, and finally UM. All those are close to my home. Just a bit risky coz I am from UTM, therefore less chances to get a place in other university unless Im going to Skudai, which I'm not interested to go there too.

Another option is of course, private college or semi private. There's only one semi-private college that I'm interested with, which is the UNITEN. The reason being is becoz it is super close (other than UKM and UPM) to my home. Fees is a bit expensive, for 5 years (Foundation + Degree) it will cost you almost RM60k.

And since I am gonna get my Diploma soon, might cut a few years in the full semester. So, still no decision. And what course should I take? Seriously, I'm not interested in Civil Engineering at all. Maybe Road Engineering and Environmental Engineering are better than pure Civil. Unless I'm jumping to Automotive, than that's different things. But I can't unless I'm willing to spend a few more yearslah. This matter had been bugging me for a few days already.

Meanwhile, I went to the paint shop today to send some stuffs. Looks like Jimmy, the painter had fitted in the new fender. He did some rolling too. Looks nice, even though without any over fender.

The painting materials. NH-OX Honda Championship White, 2k clear coat, body filler and some sand papers. One more thing that is missing is the primer coat.

Solid? Or 2k?

Adjusting the front spoiler's position and some marking had been made. Cant wait for the final results soon!

Painting process? In 2 weeks without a vented hood. And in 3 weeks with vented hood. All will be done in the same shop. And the best part is the shop is super close to my college, so I can check the progress regularly.

While I was in the paint shop area, found out this monster at Sejagat. Belongs to Wadi. Dammmn. 12jj I think. And the front is 10jj. Respect!

And I tried a fast food chain, called the Popeye and something something. The foods are bad. Too dry and salty. This is the Chicken Tender. Cost me RM10 I think. Marrybrown is better than this. Hope they will improve somehow.


Da Devil said...

well my cousin's husband take road engineering i think,as wat he work nw related to road too,when see him will ask him which uni better...wakaka

Rosso said...

Ok, thanks Kazu!


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