Saturday, March 5, 2011

Temporary Freedom!

Finally, after suffering 2 hell weeks, finished my first test! Quite a long period coz I have 7 subjects but only 6 are with tests and exam. Along with the continuous lab reports that need to be submitted every Tuesday and Wednesday, it add up more headache.

Anyway, there's always something to cheer up the mood during the stress. This thing had been making me smile for the whole week. The Yamaha 125z. Consumption is bad, but the speed, sheez. Anyway not mine. Manage to borrow it for awhile.

With some aid from few friends at Big Boys Small Toys Club, my old hobby is back. Kit modeling. I blame them for poisoning me back with this hobby. Bought all these here in Johore. Way too cheap for market, so I bought a lot as stock. Still have a few boxes at home such as Celica TA23 and a Civic EK4.

Some rare kits I bought in Japan:
Kenmeri Skyline.

And the Hakosuka Skyline. I love Skyline that's why I have a lot of Skyline(s) kit.

Anyway, y'all can checkout my model kit progress on my Facebook's album. Some photos might be worth to share. First attempt modding the camber. Modified its top mount and some 'RCA' effect added.

Black leather interior effect with red bucket seat! Optional parts from the box.

Decided to paint the Cedric in white color. VIP Style. Kit had been polished to make it shine.

As for now. My kit modeling skill is rusty already.

Back to the bike, special parking for it since this bike is a 'hot' stuff.
Onto the next post!

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