Thursday, March 31, 2011

Project : Face Lifted. Part IV..

First hell week is over! Its Test 2 season so these few weeks gonna be stressful and tight. Oh well, its healthy to focus on other thing sometimes. Life is not just for Rolla. Been focusing on the car too much. This semester gotta score very well to increase my overall CGPA.

Anyway, the RARE grill is on the way now.

New hood pin again. For the third time. This time back to OMP pin.

Hit a deep hole just before a hump. Speed was around 10km/h and this is the effect. Fucking typical Meleisian road. Also cracked my exhaust AGAIN. So this should be the fifth or sixth time visiting the exhaust shop.

And since the color that I had painted on the new fender didnt match the old color, I decided to send a sample to a paint shop and asked them to mix my old color back and packed it in can spray. It is ridiculously expensive (RM22 per can) so I only bought three cans.

Surface prep for painting. Sanding, filling and keep sanding.

Since the car gonna have some RARE parts, I guess drifting action should be done more careful now or in other words, I'm gonna be more poser than before. HAHA.

Defak is wrong with the RARE? Why did I type it in capital letter?

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